Club Swims

Club Swims

Swimmers getting to jump from Anita Rock on a club swim

Club Swims are always on the weekends and usually have a nominal fee to cover the post-swim breakfast/lunch and any third party boat rentals.  Our club swims are possible with the members who volunteer to pilot the RIB (rigid-hulled boats), wooden boats, and kayaks to keep our swimmers safe!

While they all have a race director who organizes the swims, they are not competitive races. Some have timekeepers who will record people's finishing times. All swims end at the club unless otherwise noted.  You may wear a wetsuit, fins, snorkel, etc. if you want during a club swim.  Most are done in the same direction as the current (also known as "current-assist").  Nutcrackers are longer swims and may be entirely or partially against the current.  Swims between Angel Island or Alcatraz and the club are cross-current swims.  Club swims are available for members only!

Only the New Year's Day Alcatraz and Bay 2 Breakers have qualifying swims.

The distances for many of the club swims are as follows:

Starting Point Distance (mi)
Alcatraz 1.25
Angel Island 3.32
Anita Rock 1.8
AT&T Park 4.2
Bay Bridge 2.94
Bay 2 Breakers
(Bay Bridge to Ocean Beach)
Candlestick Point 10.5
Coghlan Beach 1.23
Gashouse 0.8
Golden Gate Bridge
(Length, South to North)
Kirby Cove 4.5
Pier 39 1.25
Pier 7 2.25
Point Bonita 6.0
Yacht Harbor 1.69

To see when our club swims are, please check out the Swim Calendar.

Swimmers getting ready to jump off of the Silver Fox at Kirby Cove.