Email Lists

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Email Lists

The club has a couple of different email lists. Join one today as that's how most of the information about club events (swims, rowing events, etc.) are communicated among members.

South End Rowing Club Google Group*
(general / swimming discussions)

South End Rowing Club Google Group
( rowing discussion)

Notes: You do NOT have to receive all the emails individually from either of the mailing lists (and filling up your Inbox). You can opt to receive a daily digest or no emails at all (you will still be able to access the group and read and respond to its emails online).  How to edit your Google Group settings is here and the Yahoo Group settings here.

* This Google Group is not an official list for the club although many members use it to announce club swims, club-related discussions, and other topics of interest to club members. To only receive official club emails, sign up for the club email list below under Simon.

Simon Dominguez hitching a ride in one of the zodiacs during a club swim.